Ace Recognition - Custom designed recognition products (belt buckles, key chains, plaques, coins, medals, lapel pins) - large or small, customize and personalize with your name, your club, your group - add text, add a logo, picture or photo - custom made the way you want
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Why Custom Crests & Emblems?:

  • Emblems and crests can be used for a wide variety of applications - paperweights, irregular shaped coins, tokens, wedding keepsakes - so many uses for a coin.
  • You could add the emblems to a glass mug, pewter tankard, to a hat, or even as a law enforcement badge
  • Crests can be as small as an inch or so, and and as large as 6" (you might think of it as more of a plaque or paperweight at that size!)
  • If you wanted a heavy paperweight, or desk accessory, you could specify a thicker piece, and we can make it that way.
  • Robust, big, bold; or smaller and delicate - your choice of sizing, color and style make custom coins a perfect solution

How much does it cost?

  • The more you buy, the lower the cost.  For every piece we make, it is cast out of molten metal.  We make a mould, we fill it with the metal, we finish off the piece, and add color if you want. 
  • While we can do low quantities, realistically for smaller sized pieces, you should be looking at at least 25 pieces.  We can also do orders well into the multiple thousands of pieces per order - big or small, we can make them.
  • If you 'have to have it', we will gladly make just one, but if you can get some friends together and order even a few, the price drops dramatically.
  • Using our Design Vault to help get started, can also save you some money.

How to get custom crests & emblems?:

  • Easy - give us a call, send us an email, fill out our info form, send along a drawing in email, or upload a file for us to look at
  • We've been around, we've seen lots of designs - if you can think it up, we can probably handle it without any problems.
  • Sizing - almost any size or shape you want, up to about 6" by 6". 
  • You might want to consider some sort of an oval, or perhaps a crest in the shape of your logo.
  • Color - let us know what you want and we can get it done.
  • For an additional charge, we can also provide a 'sculpted 3D design'.

How long does it take? take?

  • Depending on the size of the order, they can usually be made in an average of 3-4 weeks - rush service is available for an extra charge.
  • If you would prefer something like "die struck" which offers more precision in sizing, the timeing might be a bit longer.

What types of crest finishes are available?

  • Our standard crests can be finished in Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Copper, Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Bright Copper tones; as well as 24K gold finish
  • Our Fine Pewter crests are in a natural pewter finish

How do I get started?

Tell us about your product - get a price See sample projects Tips and Tools

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